Master nodes can be lucrative investments however with well over a hundred out there and growing everyday it can be hard to avoid the ‘red herrings’. We find the best masternodes for you through vigorous scoring. From there you can follow our guide to set up your own vps and masternode or for investors that don’t want the hassle use our managed masternodes on your behalf.

Eitherway Masternodes V1 will ensure you are lowering your risk and increase your return when investing in masternodes.

  • How it works?

    Version 1 Masternodes Scoring Report has been produced by calculating; Overall Market Cap, Masternode Cost, ROI and Volume. Each score is then added together to create an overall score of each major aspect for Masternodes Viability.

  • Step One

    The Overall Market Cap of each coin has been scored from 122 to 1, the highest scoring has the highest Market Cap.
  • Step Two

    The Initial Cost of a masternodes has been scored from 122 to 1, the lowest Masternodes Cost being the highest scoring.
  • Step Three

    The Return on Investment has been scored from 122 to 1, with the highest Return on Investment (ROI) being the highest scoring.
  • Step Four

    The Daily Trading Volume of each coin scoring has been scored from 122 to 1, with the highest volume having the highest score.

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